Principles for Building Your Ideal Home

The book in a popular form sets out the principles of construction in accordance with the basic rules of architectural harmony, written in the ancient Vedic science Vastu. This book can be a practical guide to building your ideal home. In the process of reading, you will be able to independently perform simple, interesting and informative calculations for Vastu, get acquainted with the ancient national traditions of India.

Table of contents

Foreword from the editor
Foreword from the author
About the author

Attitude of Indians to Vastu
The term “Vastu”
Vastu and Jyotish

Energy of the earth
Methods of determining the direction
Main directions. Elements
Is this city for me?
In which part of the city to build your house with a manor?
Native blood
Determining the optimal purpose of using the land
How to find land that will bring profit?
Determination of the area of the site for construction
How to find the optimal dimensions of the foundation of the future construction?

The smell and color of the earth
Signs of an ideal earth
The shape of the earth and the quality of life
Methods of checking the suitability of the land for construction
Earth energy
How to choose the right day for digging the earth?

How to calculate the time of laying the first stone?
The foundation and location of the planets of
Namans (one-ninth of the degree of the Zodiac; 30 ° / 9 = 3 ° 20)
Influence of the Sun
How to assess the longevity of the future home?
Laying the foundation and vastu-puja (ceremony of the foundation of the house in the Vedic tradition)

The manor. Land, gates and roads
Gate size
Where and how to locate the house? Recommendations
House plan. Brahmasthan
16 parts Vastu – Soldas Pad Vastu
64 parts Vastu – Chatu Sasti Pad Vastu
For modern palaces – 81 parts Vastu (Ekasiti Pad Vastu)
Vastupurusha and 45 deities
Five elements
Front door in the house of
Muhurta for making and installing the front door
Determining the height of the house
Layout of rooms in the house
Room for spiritual practices
Dining room
Cabinet. Study room (Pragudaskva Dhayan No Doshaya)
Pantry for household items
Guest room
Placement of stairs in the building
Window placement
Roof or ceiling protection work
Special perspectives on the courtyard
location Placement for light bulbs or fluorescent lamps
Wells and water basins
Irregularly shaped plots of land Revisiting
the basic rules of Vastu


About land intended for the construction of a non-residential building
Industrial complex (factory, plant)
Hotels and restaurants
Educational centers
Construction of hospitals
Construction of a cinema
Parks and gardens for recreation

Recommendations related to the homestead facing East
Recommendations related to the homestead facing West
Recommendations related to the homestead facing North
Important points regarding the homestead facing South
Recommendations for the homestead entered in the North-East
Recommendations, Southeast- facing
land Important points about Southwest-
oriented land Recommendations for northwest-oriented land
Objects of the Solar System Names of
parts of the world in Sanskrit
Rashi – Constellations of the Solar Zodiac