The eternal pursuit of Vedic Knowledge: Enlighten your mind with Vedic education from the master himself

The Vedas are a never-ending source of knowledge. Starting from the notions of Karma, Gyana, and Guna to the traits of dharma and yoga, Vedas have everything inside their ancient scriptures. Knowledge or education in the ancient Vedas was a subject of great liberation. In fact, knowledge or “Shiksha” was believed to be the prime pathway towards salvation. A verse appearing in Vishnu Purana states that:
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ll साविद्यायाविमुक्तये ll

This means: That which liberates is knowledge

Vedic education is the elemental substratum of India’s rich cultural heritage. As per the Vedas, it is vital to train the young to be truthful as a noble soul who follows the truth remains undefeated. The only thin line separating humans from other mortal creatures is their ability to think rationally and make moral decisions based on their intellect.

Education is the way to sharpen their thinking capabilities while diving deep into the Vedas and Puranas. Pandit Kajol Shastri Ji works with the objective to make Vedic Education accessible to everyone in and beyond the Indian boundaries. The eternal knowledge of Vedas shouldn’t be confined and if humans can be liberated spiritually with Vedic education, then the whole of mankind should be benefitted from this.