Cultural & Spiritual Tours to India

India has many hidden gems that are a quintessence of spiritual energy. The Vedic culture and the rich heritage of India hold a significant part in the hearts of global citizens. Pandit Shri Kajol Shastri Ji has organized summer schools where people from the CEE region have had the chance to visit the holiest places of Hindu Culture: Amarnath and Mount Kailash.

Spiritual Tours to India

The tours are also arranged to different Ashrams that are a hub of spiritual and physical energy. A trip to India in the quaint Tibetan ranges of the Himalayas represents a huge variety of mysterious rituals, traditions and theological energies. Each program is a gifted experience to immerse in the Vedic knowledge and see the perks of Yoga, Yagya, Ayurveda, and Vedas from the closest distance.

Pay a visit to the surreal, serene and tranquil corners of India and be amazed at the diversity and spiritual energy that entices you from the core.