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Pandit Ji Kajol Shastri is an inspiration for the Vedic intellectuals of India. He doesn’t just belong from the learned Brahmin group of the Vaishnava tradition, the person is a true spiritual gem of his kind.

Master of Vedic culture : With a doctorate in Shiksha Shastri, and strong roots in Vedic Astrology, Vedic architecture as well as Astro psychology, Pandit Ji is adept in performing different types of Vedic ceremonies.

Master of Astrology : In Sanskrit, Pandit Ji completed his Master of Shiksha Shastri from the Government of India Kenria Sanskrit Vidyapit Guru Vayar, Trichur, Kerala.

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The Art of Yoga : Yoga has become the global magnetism for practicing and preaching good health. Starting from levitating towards the intangible world of metaphysical energy to embracing the mystical art of Indian well-being, the entire world is practicing Yoga. Pandit Ji is a certified Yog Guru (Yoga Teacher), the winner of the Gold Medal of the Government of the State of Rajasthan and by right of his birth, a recognized specialist in the field of conducting Vedic ceremonies.

Trustee of different Spiritual Ashrams :  Pandit Ji KajolShastri is the trustee of three ashrams located in Jaipur, Rajasthan India. These are:

Author, Sponsor and Philanthropist

Pandit Ji is the author of the book “Vedic Architecture: Vastu”. The book was published in the year 2009 and it reflects the laws of harmony in the Universe and how they are related to general architectural establishments. Shastri Ji has also been developing Vedic Technologies for a Healthy and Happy Life as a humanitarian effort. He is the sponsor and organizer of the annual International Schools Symposia on Vedic Technologies in Russia because Pandit Ji is a firm believer of VasudhaivaKutumbakam! 

Besides, the contribution of PanditKajolShastriji for the world of Vedic architecture, astrology and Vastu is immense. He has also sponsored the culture program organized by the Consul General of India in the year 2012. Pandit Ji has lectured on the Relevance of Vedic Technology in Modern Time on the BOT Russian TV Channel and he has also lectured on Vedic Science and Health in the First Festival, Health Technology of the world. Shastri Ji has worked upon several articles that are published in a varied range of magazines, newspapers as well as other media channels. He has participated as a specialty speaker on DEEPAWALI telecasted by DD. Rajasthan Astro Channel, Jaipur and he was honored by South-Ural State Medical University for representing India’s traditional Culture.

For a humble astrologer who was born into the noble family of Jaipur in the year 1972, PanditKajolShastri Ji has demonstrated an impeccable brilliance in spreading the word for the Vedic culture all across the globe.

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The circle of interests

According to ancient Indian teachings, Vedas are a source of infinite knowledge. Before the emergence of science or any other field of study as we know it, the Vedas used to unveil the secrets of the stars and planet by relating their influence on common lives. Pandit Ji, as a Vedic scientist, and one of the best astrologers in India tries to identify the common points in the origin of Indo-European beliefs and Vedic Culture. Also,PanditKajolShastriji has a keen interest in researching about how the roots of Indian ancient knowledge are spreading across the world.

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