Embrace the art of eternal science and cleanse your consciousness with a spiritual aura: Eradicate the suffering in your lives caused by malefic planetary influences with the power of Yagya.

What is Yagya?

As per the Vedic scriptures, the physical body survives on borrowed time which is bestowed by the five elements of space, air, fire, earth and water. Vedas hold the belief that when this debt is settled, fire mixes with fire, air mixes with air and so forth. In a nutshell, the five elements return to their respective adobes. In Yagya, the thermal energy of fire, and the sound energy of mantra create a therapeutic shell that purifies your air, wards off the evil spirits, negativity and brings harmony to your environment.

Besides, Yagya is a sacred manifestation of the most powerful Panchatatva: FIRE. And so the energy of a Yagya alone is eternal. Every Yagya has a massive magnetic influence on all living things because of the mantra chants or vibrational sounds that charge subtle mysterious positive energies in your surroundings.

Scientific benefits of Yagya

The Vedic sages were much more advanced than how we are now. They had already established that there are two basic energy systems in the world. The first one is heat and the second one is sound. In Yagya, the heat from the fire and the sound or “nada” from the Mantras are combined together to find the desired psychological, physical, metaphysical and spiritual powers.

Ranging from curing diseases to revitalizing and purifying the environment, Yagyas have several life-changing benefits. The principle of Vedic civilization that was practised centuries ago is claimed by today’s scientists as a mass immunization procedure. The combustion of ghee and holy sandalwood along with camphor and other Yagya samagri hold the power to kill the germs of T.B, smallpox, measles and cowpox & many other ailments.

The historical importance

In the literature and mythological evidence, numerous Yagyas are ranging from the Rajsuya Yagya of Maharaj Yudhisthir to the Ashwamedha Yagya of Maharaj Dasharatha. In the Treta Yuga, doing Yagya was dharma and people used to satisfy the almighty when he used to appear in the Yagya Kund.


अयं यज्ञोः विश्वस्य भुवनस्य नाभिः

In Yajurveda, Yagya or Hawan was said to be the Naabhi or the Nucleus of the entire world. There are many origins and references in the great Vedas about Yagya that signify how Yagya manifested the almighty’s presence on the mortal world with the spiritual powers.


Invoke your interest in Yagya and be a spiritual part of this mortal Earth.